About us

Early days in Sacramento
Early days in Sacramento

The Fly Right Dance Company was incorporated in September 1998 following a hugely successful first performance outing at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee with Fat Sam’s Band.  In the almost fifteen years since then, the company has established itself as Scotland’s only professional dance performance  company that specialises in vintage dance – encompassing research, performance, teaching and education.

People are often surprised to learn that we’re a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee – any proceeds from our private lessons and performance work go towards supporting our education and research work, which strives to keep some of these old dances alive and kicking and make them accessible to all – especially young people.  However, Fly Right has very rarely received grant funding – we operate as a social enterprise, generating income from selling our services and ploughing the proceeds back into dance research and education.

Fly Right Dance Co group
The Gang sometime between 1999 and 2001!

In a nutshell, we perform, teach and educate people about social dance, with one of our main objectives being to give everyone the chance to dance, no matter what their social situation or geographical location.  This might mean delivering classes in far-flung parts of the country, or it might mean involving a local group of dancers to have a spot in our show – or even working with children on some vintage dance and getting them to showcase what they have learned to parents or the community.

Over the years, we’ve been much in demand to perform at events that have a vintage flavour – perhaps those with a 1920s, Wartime or rock ‘n’ roll theme – or at corporate events and functions.  We’ve performed at Jazz Festivals, airshows, and large dance events.  We’ve been the dance hosts at world-record tea dances.  We held court in the Palm Court at the Fringe with our Tea Dance show for eight years. We have also done a lot of film work, too – dance consultants and featured dancers for Stone of Destiny, and featured dancers in Lorraine Kelly’s DNA stories.

Dancing at the Liquid Rooms, many moons ago!

Take a look at our Performance pages to learn more about our work in that area – especially our specialism in Tea Dances!  We’ve got a section on our Education work, too.  And find out how we can enhance a function or event with our classes and micro-classes in the Teaching part of the site.