Other stuff…

This page is for all kinds of useful stuff that we think folk might find useful – bits of choreography, stuff on music and other odds and ends. We’d like to add to this page over time, so please let us know – mail@flyrightdanceco.com  – if there’s anything you think ought to be on this page.

At the request of some of our students, we’ve compiled some choreography notes for some swing line dances to this section on an ongoing basis. Please let us know if you find any material which you think might fit in this section, or if there’s anything you’d like to see here.

N.B. – the notes really make sense only if you’ve attended one of our workshops, as some “Fly Right” vernacular is used in them!!

Shim-Sham (or Shim-Sham Shimmy) Lindy-Hop choreographed line dance, with an interesting history rooted in tap dance. Leonard Reed and his partner, Willie Bryant, used a version of this nicknamed “The Goofus” as a number for a revue at Connie’s Inn. Its fame spread when Willie Bryant taught the dance to musicians in his band.
Jitterbug Stroll (or Ryan Stroll) This dance, also known as the Ryan Stroll after its creator, Ryan Francois, was originally choreographed to be danced to Woodchoppers Ball, but more often than not is performed to The Jitterbug Stroll by Steve Mitchell
Charleston Stroll Choreographed by Sing Lim of Swingapore, to Put A Lid On It by the Squirrel Nut Zippers