Below you’ll find details of upcoming Fly Right events, and some events from organisations which might interest you.  You can customise the view using the drop-down box.  Hope to see you at one of these!

CdB : Lundi de l’Impératrice – III @ Théâtre du Mouvement
Mar 22 @ 18:30 – 23:00
CdB : Cours Baroque et Ier Empire – VII @ Salle Buffault
Mar 23 @ 13:00 – 15:00

avec Irène Feste

CdB : Cours avancé de couple – 6 @ Gymnase Saint-Lambert
Mar 23 @ 13:30 – 16:30
Richard Michael at the Piano
Mar 23 @ 14:00

When Richard Michael plays piano it is a treat for jazz connoisseurs. He can improvise in any style and has the banter to keep audiences entertained all afternoon.

As a pianist and organist, Richard gives recitals on The Art of Improvisation, and can improvise in any key, in any style at the merest hint of a theme!

He is also Radio Scotland’s ‘Jazz Jargonbuster’ and has demonstrated many styles of Jazz in ‘The Jazz House‘

Richard will be joined by some guest vocalists

Tickets £8

CdB : Cours débutant – Buffault – VII @ Salle Buffault
Mar 23 @ 15:00 – 17:00

Quadrille français,
Préparation de l’épreuve obligatoire du Championnat
Valse, Mazurka, Polka

Jump Time – 23 March @ The Merlin
Mar 23 @ 19:00 – Mar 24 @ 23:00

If you’re feeling froggy then Jump Man ……it’s Jump Time!

Time to dim the Edisons and swing out on a solid slab of sound.If you’re not layin’ some hot iron to the bop kick, then grab a flop with the Ickie’s and keep your lamps on the prowl for the knocked out movies on the big screen.

Get here between 7 and 8 and we’ll even enter you in our free early bird raffle that’s drawn at 8.

Don’t vip another vop – if it’s hopped-up, solid-sent and swingin’ like a gate it must be Lee & Seema’s JUMP TIME!!

When: Sunday 23 March
Where: The Merlin, 168/172 Morningside Road, EH10 4PU
What Time: 7 ‘til 11pm
How Much: Only £4 – pay on the door

Audio Soup Equinox 2014 @ Bellhaven Fruit Farm
Mar 29 @ 15:00

Bringing home the light with a day/night of live bands and DJs that you know and love x

Sound Supplied by :-
Esk Audio and Electrikal Sound System ♥


The After Hours Quintet
Grousebeater Sound System
The Post Orgasmic Sunshine Band
Jenova Collective
The Support Act
The Girobabies
Ska Ya Man
Puddock Stew

Electrikal DJS
Big n Bashy
Animal Hospital
No Globe
4×4 DJS
Chris Farmer
+ More t.b.c

Live Hiphop special –
Erratic Sleeping Patterns (onetzu & teknique)
Toy Control
Ciaran Mac
Andrew Mackenzie
Erin Friel
Becci Wallace
S.T (CatchKlick) & DJ Sonny (Perfect Practice)

A small batch of discount adult tickets are still available for £15.00
Standard Adult tickets £20
Young Person’s ticket (12-17) £12.50
Kids under 12 go free

All tickets available from the following link –

Much Love

Audio Soup x <3

CdB : Cours intermédiaire – 7 @ Salle Buffault
Mar 30 @ 13:30 – 16:30

Quadrille des Lanciers valsés…

CdB : Cours découverte – 4 @ Gymnase Saint-Lambert
Mar 30 @ 14:00 – 17:00

Pour découvrir les danses et l’enseignement de Carnet de Bals

Freddie King at Fife Jazz Club
Apr 6 @ 14:00

Freddie is a fabulous internationally known vocalist and this is an ideal opportunity to enjoy his distinctive vocals accompanied by Lachlan MacColl who is known in Edinburgh as the ‘Jazz musician’s jazz guitarist’

“Vocalist Freddie King has a rich vintage wine sound, coupled with a baritone sax timbre, not to mention an excellent way with a lyric. Billy Eckstine fans please note and prepare to change your allegiance immediately. Anyone who has heard him scat-singing will know that vocal improvisation comes to him as second nature. You are either born with that inbuilt feeling for the extemporaneous or you aren’t. You cannot learn it.”
Pat Quinn, Edinburgh Evening News

Tickets £8 at the door or reserve
01592 750625
01592 263687