That First Dance…

Gary & Susan's first dance, February 2004
Gary & Susan’s wedding dance, February 2004

The ceremony’s over, the wedding meal and nerve-wracking speeches are done. But there’s one more butterfly-inducing moment – the first dance with your new spouse.

Help is at hand! The award-winning Fly Right Dance Company has developed a one-off workshop (let’s face it – you probably don’t have time to fit in a programme of lessons with everything else you have to prepare!) which can bring out the dancer in you and your spouse-to-be.

Our approach will:

  • Allow you to take the floor with confidence, even if you’ve never danced a step before
  • Avoid learning lots of complex footwork or routines
  • Let you work with your own special music
  • Make you look like you’ve been doing this for years!

Fly Right has accumulated a great deal of experience in teaching dance at all levels, and in particular to wedding couples. Click here to read some comments from previous clients who have used our services!

We tailor the sessions to meet your needs, and can work two-on two with the bride and groom, or with other members of the wedding party if required. The emphasis is on fun and ensuring a relaxed, comfortable approach.

Sessions can be held at a central Edinburgh venue, at your home if you have the space, or at Footlights Studio in Haddington. We can also cater for themed weddings:

  • The Jazz Age (1920s)
  • Thirties Glamour/Speakeasy (1930s)
  • Wartime (1940s)
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll (1950s)

And this investment is the one expenditure that will have an added benefit once the wedding’s done – the flowers may fade, the food and drink are all eaten – but you’ll have learned a skill along the way!

You might like to know that the fee we charge for private lessons will go to a good cause: all proceeds go to supporting our dance education programme, which aims to bring a fun introduction to social dance for children (especially boys!). The Fly Right Dance Company is a charitable organisation and our programmes are aimed particularly at those children who may not have access to dance for geographic or economic reasons.

You can now purchase gift vouchers for our private lessons – they cost £120 for a 90-minute session. Please email us by clicking here for more details – or call us on 01620 829988 to have a chat about your requirements.

Your contribution…

All proceeds from our wedding dance lesson programme go to supporting our main education programme, which gets a real boost from this funding.

For example, this year’s income has allowed us to continue our programme of introducing dance in some very disadvantaged or remote areas in Scotland – to give an example: in one local authority area alone, our after-school dance programme gave a chance-to-dance to over 300 children per week (including around 30 children with special needs)! The income from our first dance programme has allowed us to invest in some 1940s artefacts and vintage clothing which are used in the hair-and-makeup part of our workshop. So the cash it put to good use to add value and enhance the children’s learning experience. Thank you for supporting this programme!