Charleston Stroll

Charleston Stroll Choreography

This stroll was choreographed by Sing Lim from Singapore (check out their website on It’s performed to the tune Put A Lid On It by the Squirrel Nut Zippers, and is made up of 4 repetitions of the four steps notated below.  Each repetition is performed to a different wall of the room – so make a quarter turn to the left at the end of each chorus.  There’s absolutely no introduction in the music, so be ready to start as soon as the music begins!!


Step One Begin by tapping right foot to front.

3 x charleston steps, first one to front, second one to left side, third to back

“Windmill” with right leg and right arm back to front

Step Two 2 “Hitchhiker” steps, begin by tapping right foot to back

Step back R, L (shimmying)

Swivel round 180 deg to left, 3 x claps in syncopated rhythm


Step Three Right foot and hand on floor, left foot and hand on floor (take long way round with arm)

Right hand up to right buttock, left hand up to left buttock!

Ooh, aaah step x 2!

Shelf, hips, hide frog

Crazy Legs arms with Tick Tock legs moving to right


Step Four Step left, hook kick right

Step left, pixie jump right-left

Spiderman for 8 counts

Step left, hook kick right, teapot, hide

Run round in mad circle with flailing arms!



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