For  the past fourteen years, Fly Right has been givingFly Right at Cockburnpath Primary  School a fun introduction to  dance for school children with their award-winning education programme.  Over the years, they have developed workshops which complement Curriculum for Excellence objectives, are specific to age groups and topics, and which are highly enjoyable for pupils and teachers alike.

Fly Right's dance education programme in actionFor the past three or four years, the company has been focussing on its World War II offering – you can find out more about these sessions here.  All sessions present  a balance between the physical and non-physical, developing fitness  and co-ordination by learning dance steps and putting the dances in  context by relating them to relevant social historical background material.

In addition to complementing Curriculum for Excellence requirements, the Company’s educational programmes seek to provide a lasting  benefit by developing valuable personal and social skills useful throughout  a pupil’s life.

Click here  for some quotes from children and teachers who have had the Fly Right  experience! And click here to see a Times Educational Supplement review of our work, written in 2012.

Costs depend on number of sessions booked per day – please contact  us by clicking here – – or by calling us on 01620 829988 for more details.