World War II workshops

Fly Right has been delivering Jitterbug workshops to Scottish schoolchildren for over fourteen years. The aim is to give a fun introduction to dance to the pupils, with a touch of social history along the way. However, the company has recently expanded these workshops to include an extra session which goes into this aspect in more detail.

Jitterbug Schools Workshop 2013
Some children from Tong School in the Western Isles get to grips with the Jitterbug!

In addition to a fun Jitterbug workshop, we provide a special session about 1940s clothes, hair and make-up, where the children get to see real vintage clothes and uniforms and hear interesting facts about them and the people who might have worn them.

Munitions worker style!
Munitions worker style!

There’s also the opportunity for volunteers (both boys and girls) to have their hair done in a 1940s style, or have a makeover, wartime-style – all with a make-do-and-mend ethos. All our clothes and techniques have been carefully sourced and researched to ensure that they are authentic.

The main message we try to get across to the pupils is that real people living through the war still very much had social lives, were interested in some of the same things we are today when going out (getting dressed up and looking our best), and that dance was a huge part of socialising then – everyone could dance and it was all about fun!

Workshop format:

Authentic WWII uniforms and clothes support the workshops
Authentic WWII uniforms and clothes support the workshops
  • Dance session – could be 60-90 minutes
  • Discussion session, with:
  • Real vintage civilian clothing
  • Real vintage wartime military uniforms
  • Demonstrations of 1940s hairstyling (for girls and boys)
  • Wartime make-up
  • ..and much more!

You can read a review of one of our workshops from the Times Educational Supplement Scotland here – TESS Article.

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