First dance testimonials

Here are some comments and pictures from previous First Dance workshop clients:

Dot & Liz: “Just to let you know that the dance was brilliant, it was given a 10!!! Thank you so much for all your help, it was great to a_The_First_Dancefeel special.”   

Carolyn and Gavin:  “I really enjoyed the lesson – it was tailored to meet our needs and the informal way the lesson was run helped us relax, which is important when trying to control two left feet like mine!“

“Having never danced before, we were both extremely nervous, not only about dancing at the wedding but about dancing in front of you both! However you put us both at ease right from the beginning and we had great fun in the lesson. You work so well together that we both felt like we were in the company of friends rather than “teachers”. We left the lesson excited about what we had achieved already and what we knew we could achieve if we had more lessons (unfortunately for us, moving to America has made it impossible to have more with Fly Right, but we would if we could!). We would heartily recommend first dance lessons with Fly Right, we had a brilliant time and continue to foxtrot around the living room at every available opportunity”

Ian Stevenson: “I am not really a dancer – I have always considered myself to have two left feet and I feel conspicuous and awkward when dancing.  Usually I only attempt it after a number of beers.  I was therefore not really looking forward to the first dance at our wedding.  Ruth got in touch with Fly Right, and we arranged to have a single session to see whether we could get some advice on how not to embarrass ourselves. We had already picked a record (“Dream a little dream of me” from the Warchild “Help” album) so we just wanted a few basic moves.

a_2005-05-01_Wedding_0173_55180015Susan and Gary managed to make us feel very comfortable, trying out a few basic steps with us until we found something that worked.  After we’d got the hang of that, they showed up a couple of twirls and flourishes, and helped us plan how we were going to make our entrance to the dance floor. They matched what they showed us to our (lack of) skills, and we felt afterwards that it had been useful.

After a few practices at home, we’d just about mastered what we’d been shown, but we were still very nervous when the time came to take to the dance floor on the big day.  Thanks to having thought about how we were starting off, we managed to get ourselves going in reasonable order, and before long we relaxed into it and were able to use some of the twirls and flourishes we’d been shown.  We even managed to enjoy it!  We got lots of applause, both during and after, as we were alone on the dance floor with everyone watching!

Looking back, we put on a pretty impressive show on the day for two people with only a single 1 hour session under our belts.  We got lots of comments saying how good we were – Susan and Gary had worked their magic!”


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